Etsuko Nakamura

Etsuko Nakamura
Providing Classes:piano

Hello, my name is Etsuko Nakamura and I began taking piano lessons at the age of 6. From grade 5 to the last year of middle school I sang soprano in a choral group and also played piano as an accompanist. Recently I was in a choir called “Melody of Japan” in Canada that performed at different Japanese festivals in Canada. As teaching qualifications I earned a Trinity College London ATCL Piano Recital Diploma and Grade 9 Royal Conservatory of Music with First Class Honors.

I spent 12 years living different countries including Canada, the Philippines, China and Singapore and can offer piano lessons in both English and Japanese.

In addition to classical piano study, I can play your favorite pop music songs by ear and write them down in either chord form or as sheet music upon request.

Music is always with me no matter what happens to me in life.  The beauty of music is that it can help you express your emotions and allow you to let them out. I hope that I can help you to express yourself through piano and enjoy your making your own music.