Risa Yamada

Risa Yamada
Providing Classes:piano

My mother was a piano teacher, and I started playing music when I was very young. Wha I was a child, my dream was to work in music industry. I am very happy to be able to help children grow in this way.

Learning music not only nurtures the brain through stimulation from the ears, but it also helps to nurture the heart. It is said that children's ears grow remarkably and their ability to listen begins to grow rapidly around the age of three. Wouldn't it be a wonderful experience to learn music and English at the same time at such a young age?

I can also help you compose and arrange your own music! My first piece of music was "Kaminari Daio", which I wrote when I was in the first grade of elementary school, and I remember having a lot of fun composing it with the advice of my teacher at the time. I would like to help children compose music with their own unique voices.

I hope I can help nurture their sensitivity by creating opportunities for them to actively interact with various music and sounds from an early age when they are absorbing so many different things!


After graduating from high school, Lisa moved to New York City by herself. She graduated from The City College Of New York in January 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and returned to Japan in the summer of 2019 to work in Tokyo.