English lessons at your home(Piano)

English piano lessons at your home

Get to know the Japanese culture in fun and polite lessons with a teacher who speaks fluent English!


In addition to English, we have teachers who can speak other languages such as Italian.Please feel free to contact us in the language of your choice.


The teacher will come to your home, so you don’t have to pick up and drop off your children. You can take lessons according to your family’s schedule.


ヒロミュージックスクール レッスン規約
Hiro International Music School : Lesson Rules.


We would like you to understand our policy in order to make  lessons more comfortable for all students and teachers. Thank you for your understanding.

レッスンコース/Lesson Schedules

Lessons are offered on the same date and time in each week.
Discuss lesson schedule with your teacher.
Please pay lesson fee tickets to your teacher in advance.
Weekly lesson(Lessons on the same day/time each week) Pre-pay: Discuss lesson schedule with your teacher.
Please buy a “Lesson Punch Card” in advance and your teacher will punch it when you take a lesson.
The Punch Card is valid for six months.

お支払い方法について/How to Pay (Payment method)
株式会社クリオ宛 りそな銀行 井荻支店 普通口座0071572

Please choose.
Payment method: You can pay through either cash or bank transfer.
Cash: Please enclose cash in an envelope and give to your teacher. We will issue you a receipt.
Bank transfer: Please pay through bank transfer. We will send or hand a “Lesson Punch Card” to you.
Bank account : 株式会社クリオ りそな銀行 井荻支店 普通口座0071572
Transportation fee will be paid in cash at the end of the lesson each time.
Please pay the amount that teacher will tell you.

体験レッスンについて/Trial lesson

You can take a discounted trial lesson for the first class of our lessons.
Trial lessons cost 2,200yen/30min, at the discount rate (plus the teacher’s transportation fee)
Let us start 10 minutes before the trial lesson to introduce ourselves to each other and have an interview.
The trial lesson fee and transportation fee will be paid inn cash after the trial lesson.
Please pay the amount that teacher will tell you.
After both parties are satisfied, we will start the trial lesson.


10min interview


At this point in time, your teacher will say,
I’m going to go in for a trial lesson. Are you sure?




30min Trial lesson



Trial lesson another day

キャンセルについて/Cancellation policy

Please make sure to contact your teacher by 9pm the day before if you’d like to cancel your lesson. If you forget to contact your teacher for cancellation by then, we will charge the whole lesson fee. (+teacher’s transportation fee)

遅刻について/Late for lesson

If you’re not at home at the lesson time, the teacher will try to contact you or your guardian. If the teacher is not able to reach the student after10 minutes, the lesson will be canceled and the whole lesson fee will be charged. (+teacher’s transportation fee)
Please make sure to contact your teacher if you will be late for the lesson.

教材について/Lesson Materials

Teachers will choose textbooks for the students. Please pay the book fees when your teacher provides you with the new books. Even though we sometimes use copies of music sheets depending on each students’ progress, we usually recommend you to buy music books.

レッスン料金表/School of Music:Lesson fee

30分 45分 60分
レッスン5回分 19,250円
レッスン10回分 33,000円

Enrollment fee:5,500yen(family members free)
Lesson Course(Purchase 5 or 10 lessons in advance: Pre-pay)

30min 45min 60min
5 lessons 19,250 yen
(3,850 yen)
24,750 yen
(4,950 yen)
30,250 yen
(6,050 yen)
10 lessons 33,000 yen
(3,300 yen)
44,000 yen
(4,400 yen)
55,000 yen
(5,500 yen)
Q:What languages are available in the lessons?
A:Japanese, English, Italian, and Swedish. Please contact us for other languages.

Q:I don’t have an instrument yet. How should I get one?
A: If you’re thinking about getting an upright piano, grand piano, or violin, we can
help you to choose a good one for you. We believe choosing a quality instrument is
very important. Please ask your teacher for more details.

:兄弟、姉妹、お友達同士など状況に応じてお受けすることはできます。ただし、楽器の習得には なりの個人差がありますので、出来れば個人レッスンをおすすめします。グループレッスンの場合の費用については、その都度ご相談させていただきます。
:Are group lessons available?
:We provide group lessons with brothers /sisters / friends, but we recommend
individual lessons because the learning process and progress are not the same.
The lesson fee for the group lesson will be decided depending on the situation.

:Can I learn two instruments at the same time?
:Yes, you can! Some teachers teach two instruments (ex. Violin & Piano, Piano & Theory), and sometimes another teacher can teach the second instrument.

:How do teachers organize the lesson schedule?
:The schedule is organized based on teacher and student agreement.

:What should I do if I want to stop taking lessons for a few weeks or months?
:We don’t have a special procedure, please just tell your teacher. However we don’t hold a spot for you during your absence. We might take new student during your absence .Therefore, please discuss the new lesson time with your teacher when you’re ready to resume lessons.

:We would like to stop taking lessons. (We are moving back to our country, too busy etc.)
:We don’t have a special procedure, but please let your teacher know as soon as possible. If you come back to our school in the future, you don’t have to pay the enrollment fee again. We will always welcome you back!

Q:Are there any Students’recitals?
A:A student recital is held once a year. The participation fee is about 10,000yen.
Feel free to participate in the concert.


About Hiro Music School
We also organize concerts, piano accompaniment, music performance, music notation, arrangement, composing, and recording. Please feel free to ask us.

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